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Aparat de ventilatie Matrx 3000

Aparat de ventilatie Matrx 3000

Detalii produs

Categoria: Aparatura veterinara
Firma: SC Latodis SRL

Matrx 3000 este un ventilator de uz veterinar, destinat utilizarii impreuna cu aparatele de anestezie VME sau VME2.

Caracteristici tehnice:

  • Replaces the breathing bag, freeing technician to assist in other procedures
  • Precise control of anesthetic state allows lower levels of anesthesia for more responsive patients, more economical operation, with blood CO2 and pH levels closer to normal 
  • More economical use of suply gas ( oxygen, nitrogen or clean dry air)
  • Interchangeable bellows adapt to animals from 1 kg to 300 kg - no tools required
  • Maximum working pressure limit ( MWPL) adjustable from 10-60 cm H2O
  • Dual airway pressure alarms signal any breath exceeding preset max or min
  • Respiratory rates from 6-40 breaths per minute at inspiratory flow rates from 0-100 LPM
  • Tidal volumes ( TV) from 20-3,000cc

       Pret: 2990 EURO+TVA

Aparat de ventilatie


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13 Aprilie 2024